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Newsletter for Students Intending to Take Their Final Exams in the 2019/20/2 Term

2020. June 26.

Dear Student!

In order to help you to overview your tasks we have summarized them and the necessary information in connection with the registration for the final exam, checking your data, the termination of your student status and acceptance of your diploma.

In the extraordinary 2019/20/2 term the final exams will be conducted according to Government measures. The means of execution are on under development, but the preparations are underway to ensure the exams.

You will have more data checking and correction duties, and have to follow the instructions and news of the departments where you intend to take your final exam! The CAO does not have information about how the departments will carry out the actual exams, so PLEASE, turn to them for specific information!

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BME Library book return starts 25th May 2020.

2020. May 26.

BME Library book return starts 25th May 2020, please read the information on the OMIKK website!

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New rules implemented from the ‘Regulations on student fees and benefits’

2020. May 15.

The  ‘007 Opposition to payment obligation’ request is available in the Neptun!

Based on Annex 2. § 1.(1)  of the Regulations on student fees and benefits published by BME Student Services: “Students shall pay late payment extra administration fees if they fail to pay the residence hall fee or the fees defined in points a)-h) in paragraph (1) by their due date. Such late payment fee shall be HUF 1400.”

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BME STUDY COMMITTEE's Distance learning directives for application of certain provisions of the CoS

2020. May 8.

The BME Study Committee published further Distance learning directives for the duration of the pandemic. These concern the basic rules that will govern the upcoming evaluation/examination period. Please read it carefully! The CAO will soon publish their periodical Newsletters with more specifics on dates, requests etc.  

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Tempus Public Foundation’s information to scholarship holders about the pandemic

2020. April 29.

In this news spread we collect the information TPF issues Stipendiun Hungaricum and Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People scholarship holders residing in Hungary.


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Social Security (TAJ) administration for scholarship holders during the pandemic

2020. April 29.

In case of any problems, questions concerning TAJ cards administration please contact the BME Mentor Team at: 

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Telephone availability of the CAO

2020. March 22.

According to the measures ordained as a cause of the spreading of the corona virus, the Central Academic Office works on duty.

Thus there is no in person administration, most of our colleagues work from home, to complete their duties and maintain operation.

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No opening hours at CAO from 12th March

2020. March 20.

Based on the emergency situation ordered by the Hungarian Government, all Hungarian universities, including BME and its CAO will be closed for an indefinite period, from the 12th of March, 2020.

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Psychological counselling for foreign students

2013. March 13.

Psychological counselling for foreign students

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Hungarian language courses

2013. February 5.

We are glad to inform you that the Department of Hungarian offers you basic Hungarian language courses organized for the exchange and international students of
the university.

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