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CAO Information letter for NEW students about starting the 2020/21/1 term

2020. August 12.

UPDATE! 12.08.2020 – From tomorrow (13th August), an online questionnaire (Questionnaire about your present whereabouts and your plans for starting the autumn term) will be available in the Neptun when you enter the system. It will be open until 23:59 CET on the 16th August (Sunday).  PLEASE FILL IT OUT, so we can plan for the autumn term both in respects to distance learning and scholarship payments.

For SCHOLRASHIP HOLDERS: the ‘E200 Registration Form for Scholarship Holders’ is available in the Neptun from 13th August!

UPDATE! 10.08.2020 - The E024 Request for subject accreditation is now open, you may submit it until 23:59 CET on the 16th August 2020!

Based on the resolutions of the BME Legal Directorate, all NEW students have to print the registration forms (requests E100 registration form for tuition fee paying students and E200 for scholarship holder students), sign them, make digital copy and attach them to the request. If you have already submitted the request, we will send it back for corrections so you can do this task!

UPDATE! 07.08.2020. - Scholarship holder students do not have to register for the Hungarian culture and language classes, they will be registered centrally by the university!

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BME regulations concerning the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic

2020. August 3.

Read about the BME regulations concerning the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) pandemic, through this communique concerning university life, the measures BME has taken since February 2020.

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UPDATED BME CAO Newsletter on Closing the 2019/20/2 term and ONLINE opening the 2020/21/1 term

2020. July 17.

There is some new information regarding the starting of the 2020/21/1 term! BME will start the instruction on the English language programs in a hybrid form – those of you who are here, can start their studies in the ‘classical’ sense. Those, who will not arrive in time can start their semester ONLINE using the technologies used during the 2019/20/2 term. You will have to request the participation in the online through a designated request – we will inform you about it later. Please read on!

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