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Sports activities



BME students are required to attend physical education classes during their university studies. They can enquire about the possibilities at the Centre for Physical Education (Bertalan Lajos u. 4-6, room 113).

The TVSZ prescribes 2 semesters of physical education courses, and to obtain a diploma you must complete a 1/... (- -. = A/B/C) or a 2/... (.... =A/B/C) physical education course. To complete the Physical Education course, they must obtain a signature in two semesters. For a signature, one physical education course can be completed in one semester! For information on physical education and competitions, please visit the website and the Centre of Physical Education Facebook page www. After completing the required semesters, they can take the "Physical Education Plus" courses indefinitely, all of the courses advertised there are cost-contributing.

Courses must be taken in the Neptun system.

During the registration week, we are welcome to join organised groups every day from 10-13 at the BME Sports Centre. Everyone is encouraged to visit the facility, it will make they choice of sport much easier!



The following facilities are available for BME students and citizens:

            BME Sports Centre (Bertalan L. u. 4-6.)

The Sports Centre is open from 8.30 to 14.30 Physical Education courses can be booked either, or B-type season ticket for 8.500, -Ft/ 16 sessions.

            BME Outdoor Sports Centre (Bogdánfy u. 12. XI.)

artificial turf football pitches, athletics track, tennis courts, skating rink

            Kármán gym (Tódor Kármán College, 9-11 Irinyi u. XI.)

            Bercsényi gym (Bercsényi College, 28-30 Bercsényi u. XI.)

Information on the use and the fees for the use of the facilities is available at the BME Sports Centre Reception (+3614631320) and at the sports facilities.


Physical Education subject codes according to the two semesters:

BMEGT70BS1A – free of charge sports

BMEGT70BS1B - sports with cost contribution

BMEGT70BS1C - exemptions

BMEGT70BS2A – free of charge sports

BMEGT70BS2B - sports with cost contribution

BMEGT70BS2C – exemptions

In the specialised physical education classes, the training material of the respective sport is applied in a training-like manner. Choices are offered in the sports (courses) listed. Next to the name of the sport, the location of the class is indicated, as well as the course symbol in Neptun.



Athletics - BME Sporttelep (Bogdánfy u. 12. XI.)

Football - BME Sporttelep (Bogdánfy u. 12. XI.)

Basketball (basketball) - BME Sports Centre (XI. Bertalan L. u. 4-6.)

Volleyball - BME Sports Centre (XI. Bertalan L. u. 4-6.)



Fee 8.000 HUF per semester, which must be paid through the Neptun system.

Aerobics - BME Sports Centre
Badminton - BME Sports Centre
Ergometer rowing - BME Sports Centre
Floorball - BME Sports Centre
Folk dance - BME Sports Centre
Functional Circuit - BME Sports Centre
Ice skating - BME Sporttelep
Krav maga - BME Sports Centre
Ricochet - BME Sports Centre
Spine training - BME Sports Centre
Spinning - BME Sports Centre
Squash - BME Sports Centre
Strenght development - BME Sports Centre
Tabletennis - BME Sports Centre
Tennis - BME Sporttelep
TRX - BME Sports Centre
Wall climbing - BME Sports Centre
YOGA - BME Spot Centre


EXEMPTIONS – subject is required:

FULL EXEMPTIONS: (selected athletes - only in Olympic sports, certified athletes of BME sports clubs or associations of partner universities)

The form, downloaded from the website, together with the certificate of the sports club of the federation or co-university, must be handed in at the Centre of Physical Education (BME Sports Centre, room 113) by the end of the 3rd week of the academic year.

PARTICULAR EXEMPTIONS: (for club athletes)

During the make-up week following the term of study, you must register for the trial of your choice (running, test of strength) at the time and place indicated on the form available for download from


Exemption from attending classes (on presentation of a medical report).

Form can be downloaded from the website -

In addition to the weekly compulsory physical education classes, you can use the University facilities for additional regular sports activities at a great discount (For more information, please visit the website:



Nowadays, inter-university competitions are becoming more and more important. The Hungarian University and College Championships (MEFOB) are an example of healthy rivalry between universities and a sporting expression of belonging to a university.

We invite athletes who are ready to represent our university to register with our physical education teachers or at the Centre of Physical Education (BME Sports Centre, room 113).

The championships are open to full-time and part-time students, doctoral students and graduates (within one year of graduation).




The Budapest University and Sports Association wishes to provide sport and recreational opportunities for full-time students who play sports at amateur level (tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, wall climbing, table tennis, ground fighting, beach volleyball, skiing)

Website: and facebook/



University of Technology Rowing Club 

The MEC is the only Hungarian university rowing club founded at the turn of the century that has maintained its legal continuity and was re-established during the years of the regime change.

Their mission: to build a community that combines old rowing traditions with modern knowledge, providing a framework for both dedicated, success-oriented professional work and meaningful, leisure-time activities.

Objectives: to maintain a lively, family-oriented club life, to educate young people in the spirit of "good student, good athlete", to actively participate in the international rowing community, to promote para-rowing, to provide a home for veteran rowing and recreational sports, and to develop selected athletes.



Műegyetemi Atlétikai és Football Club (MAFC)

Would you do sports competitively in an amateur league or even in the first division? As a certified competitor, you can even get a personal signature! Do you do competitive sports? Would you be a proud NB I player? Would you rather only show yourself in lower ranking championship with fewer obligations? Or would you just exercise in the name of a healthy lifestyle?

We would like to introduce you to one of the oldest and largest sports clubs in Hungary, with deep-rooted traditions, operating at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Műegyetemi Atlétikai és Football Club, MAFC, founded in 1897: Műegyetemi Atlétikai és Football Club (MAFC)