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How can I pay in the inflicted payment via card?

Credit/debit card can be used to settle any liabilities inflicted in Neptun. The student can choose which payment item/items (max. 4) would like to fulfill.

You may find here the following detailed instruction about credit/bank card payment.

Please be aware that our service provider (SimplePay) is not in contact with all of the banks around the world. It can be possible that you will not be able to use your credit/bank card for online payments. In this case please use the NEPTUN collective account system to fulfil your liabilities.


Definition of Student Collective Account

The concept of a "student collective account" means that the students of the institution pay into a joint bank account any amount they wish, on the basis of which the programme builds up balances per student. The student can manage this balance and settle his/her payment obligations in any order he/she wishes. The student may not exceed the balance he/she has accumulated when making payments. If the balance is not used in full during the course of his/her studies, it may be refunded to the student.


How to manage my liabilities in Neptun through collective account?

In the case of a collective account, students transfer (like a normal wire transfer) to the collective account. When making a transfer, the student must enter the Neptun code in the comment field after the character "NK-". For example: NK-A1B2C3

In the Student Web Client, the balance of the student's collective account can be seen in the "Finance / Payment" menu. Mark the given liability by clicking on the box at the end of the line, then click the "Pay in" button. On the next page the student can choose „Collective account payment” and then click the "Pay in" button again.

You may find here the following detailed instruction about collective account payment and account information.


The amount I transferred does not appear on my collective account

If the transferred amount does not appear on your collective account after three working days 111 request has to be submitted in Neptun with an official bank debit note attached. This document has to contain the followings:

  • Source account number (your bank account)
  • Target account number (referred to)
  • Amount
  • Date of reference
  • Public field / Comment
  • Transaction number

If the payment paid by Simple Pay is not fulfilled, check to make sure that the amount transferred has been deducted from your account. Refer to the SimplePay ID to clarify the reason of the problem at the bank.


How can i transfer money back to my bank account?

You can transfer your money in the collective account back to any bank account in HUF at any Hungarian bank in Neptun (Finances - Settings – Bank accounts).

This can be done by selecting Finances - Transaction list in Neptun.

Under Transaction list please set Terms: all terms, Payment types: all, Collective accounts: All collective accounts then click Transfer back.

The Return button will then appear which can be clicked to return money from the collective account.

The minimum amount that can be returned is HUF 100.

Returns can take a long time because you have to wait for the right amount to arrive, so it is possible that the money will not arrive in the target account until the second week after starting the return.


Paying in instalments

Until the invoice generated the student can split the payment by him-/herself.

You may find here the following detailed instruction about how you can split a payment.


How can I request an invoice?

Not everyone needs to apply for an invoice, as the system automatically creates an invoice for the student's name and permanent address the day after the payment is fulfilled. If the student’s tuition fee is paid by an organization/company/other personnel, it needs to be registered to the student’s own profile.


You may find here the following detailed instruction about how you can request an invoice.


Finance related requests

027 - Request for a certificate: Tuition Fee Certificate: this document certifies that the tuition fee has been paid.

007 - Opposition to payment obligation: based on the BME Regulations on Student Fees and Benefits Annex 2. 2.§ (5) „Students shall have the right to seek legal remedy regarding the fees not determined and levied by the students pursuant to the provisions of Chapter X of the BME CoS”. The students may exercise their above right through this request. The request can be initiated from the inflicted payment.

010 - Request for tuition fee reduction: This request is for tuition fee paying students, who can ask for tuition fee reduction.

101 - Request to pay the tuition fee in installments and/or to modify the deadline of tuition fee payment: It can be submitted from an inflicted item. Based on BME Joint Instruction 9/2019 (VIII.15.) of the Rector and the Chancellery 3. (5) the submission deadline of the request for the autumn and spring terms is the day before the payment deadline.

111 - Complaint due to the non-arrival of payment: Request to examine money transfer to Neptun account: When 3 working days have passed, and you still can’t see your amount in NEPTUN, turn in this request and attach your bank debit note to it.

112 - Request for International Bank Account Registration


I have not received my scholarship

You can receive your scholarship if:

  • your bank account number and permanent address are registered in Neptun system
  • you have signed your Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship agreement
  • you have turned in 913 request
  • scholarship Agreement (signed by the Student and the University) has to be uploaded to Dream Apply

You may find here more information on allowances and scholarship.



You are eligible for refund of your paid tuition fee fully in the following cases (Regulations on student fees and benefits 10. § (9)):

  • your legal status become Deleted or Passive before the deadline for enrolment published in the admission information (Fall term – 14th October; Spring term – 14th March)
  • the Faculty Study Comittee accepted your 031 Retrospective request for passive term
  • unrightful inflicted fee (you need to submit a 007 request in Neptun)

You are eligible for refund of your paid tuition fee partly in the following case:

  • you submit a 032 Dismissal upon request and your legal status become Dismissed after the deadline for enrolment published in the admission information (Fall term – 14th October; Spring term – 14th March)



In case of passive, deleted or dismissed student status the Financial Team start the refund process centrally, but your bank account number is essential to the process.

You need to submit the 112 - Request for International Bank Account registration (Neptun/Administration/Requests/Available request forms), if you would like to receive the refund to an international bank account. If you have Hungarian bank account, you can register it to your Neptun site yourself in Neptun/Finances/Settings by clicking on the Add bank account number button. The Neptun system can manage only Bank accounts with IBAN number and bank accounts which correspond to an account holder. BME can not transfer money to Wise/Revolut (alternative) type of accounts.

You can make the process faster by submitting a 007 – Opposition to payment obligation request. Please note that you can find this request by clicking on the Submit request in Neptun/Finances/Payment choosing the correct fee. If you can not submit the 007 request, it means that your refund process have already been started.

Please note that we do not have creditation weekly but monthly.

Based on the location of the added bank account, the transferred amount will arrive presumably:

  • to a Hungarian bank account in 1-3 days,
  • to a European bank account in 2-3 weeks,
  • to a bank account outside of the European region in 4-6 weeks,

after BME start the transaction. When BME transfer the money to a country outside of the European region, the exact timeline is hardly predictable, because BME can not transfer the money directly to these bank accounts. The transfer goes through different banks before the student receive it.

If you have any question or issue you can send an email to


Extra fees



 late enrolment in Neptun

 5.500 HUF

 late activation of a term

 5.500 HUF

 late registration/dropping of a subject

 5.500 HUF

 repeated registration for a failed subject

 4.500 HUF/course

 re-registering for a subject to improve the mark paid in advance

 4.500 HUF

 late submission of home assignment

 2.500 HUF/assignment

 overdue submission of their work plan

 5.500 HUF/work plan

 repeated resitting of a test

 4.500 HUF/resitting

 unverified absence from an examination

 5.500 HUF/absence

 3rd and further exam in the same subject

 4.500 HUF/exam

 overdue provision of any required data

 1000 HUF/data

 late payment of a fee

 1400 HUF

 replacement of lost sticker

 3.500 HUF

 copy of Diploma

 500 HUF (+3000 HUF)

 copy of Diploma Supplement

 2000 HUF

 duplicate of Diploma

 6000 HUF (+3000 HUF)

 duplicate of Diploma Supplement

 6000 HUF

 decorative Diploma

 15000 HUF



Regulations on student fees and benefits (open in Firefox):

Exchange rate: In the case of fees in foreign currency, in the Neptun study system the amount appears in HUF. They are calculated according to the mid-market exchange rate on 1 June at MNB of the current year for the autumn semester, in the case of the spring semester, according to mid-market exchange rate on 15 November at the MNB of the previous semester. Costs and expenses arising from transfers initiated in foreign currency are borne by the payer. You may find here the accurate exchange rate.

Extra administration fees: Pursuant to the BME CoS, students shall pay extra administration fees. The title and the amount of the extra administration fees as well as the rules of the fulfilment of the payment obligation are included in Annex 2 of the Regulations on student fees and benefits.