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Central Academic Office (CAO) is a comprehensive organization unit within BME. Its main task is the academic administration of bachelor, master and one-tier master students. Within this main task according to the related regulations and rules especially the management of personal data of the applicants to admission, the actual and graduated students; the registration of the admission and academic results; to issue and pass certificates of the university according to requests; supplying data to other units of the university and other organizations authorized by law; participation in the administration of student fees and benefits and of academic and monitoring activities of the university. CAO keeps a record of all the diplomas issued by BME.

The dean's offices are responsible for the curricula, the contents and requirements of the subjects, the announcement of the courses and the construction of the timetable. The Dean, Associate Dean or the Faculty Study Committee decides on student requests submitted to the CAO and the CAO informs the student accordingly.

TheĀ Directorate of Sales and ServicesĀ (Chancellery) deals mainly with life guidance, career counselling, student benefits and welfare.

IMPORTANT: CAO works according to laws, regulations and rules of procedure, it does not legislate or make decisions, it only implements them.

CAO portal ( helps students in the administration. It contains, among other things:

  • opening hours, which vary from period to period;
  • Neptun login and manual;
  • answers to frequently asked questions;
  • descriptions of different typical cases;
  • the forms to be used for administrative procedures, indicating electronic requests.

Face-to-face administration is necessary when a document is submitted or received (e.g. receipt or validation of a student card).

  • It is a good to check the opening hours and information on the CAO portal first. The customer terminals on the ground floor of building R, located in the lobby are the places to go for a ticket to do the administration.
  • Cases that can be handled "in person" can be managed by someone else using an authorisation downloadable from the CAO portal.

The number of cases that can be handled electronically is constantly growing. Please check on our website ( before coming to the office to find out whether there is an electronic request for your case.

If you have a question then please send it at first by e-mail:

  • a personal problem (e.g.: you have not received a reply to a submitted request, you have not received a transfer to your Neptun account, you have a comment about the work of the CAO, its staff, etc.), i.e. in all cases that could be a question for "a specific student", please write to;
  • in case of questions from "several students" (e.g.: interpretation of the Code of Studies, curricular issues, conditions for specialisation, Neptun management, etc.), the staff of the CAO or the academic administrators in the Dean's Office or the academic advisors can answer.