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Friday, 12 July 2024   ·   24th week of Spring term of academic year 2023/2024   ·   Opening hours today: 08:00–12:00
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Late enrollment information to spring term of 2023/2024

Friday, 9 February 2024

If you didn’t submit your „100 Online registration” request before 23:59 CET 8 February 2024, you can make the enrollment process for a late fee (5500 HUF) between 12 February and 14 March 2024. In this case please follow the description of „Enrollment step by step” below and your administrator will inflict the fee in the Neptun system at the decision of the request.

According to Section 55 (5) of the BME Code of Studies transfer, change of specialisation, change of training place or training language or working mode may take place from the end of the previous academic term until 15 September for the autumn term and until 15 February for the spring term.

A student who has participated in the transfer procedure and who does not enrol for the new training program by 15 February cannot be transferred.

Please follow step by step our guide to the susseccful enrollment.

Important! Even if you have an „E022 Request for Late Arrival / Preferential Course Schedule” or „022 Request for Preferential Course Schedule” request with an accepted decision, you have to submit the „100 Online registration” request.

Please choose the "By personal attendance" mode of registration in the "100 Online registration" request, in this case you have to come in the CAO for the in-person registration until 14 March 2024.

The in-person registration will be at CAO in the Main Hall of building R. Please follow our news for the opening hours information. 

If you do not submit the „100 Online registration” request before 23:59 CET 25 February 2024 your subjects will be dropped in Neptun.

Enrollment step by step shortly:

  1. Download the registration form from Neptun Information/General forms (and if you are a tuition fee paying student the Study Contract for Students).
  2. Authenticate your registration form, Letter of Award and your Study Contract for Students if you have it, print it out and sign it with your own signature.
  3. Submit the 100 Online registration” Neptun request.
  4. In the late enrollment period, you can change your student status after submitting the „100 Online registration” request. (Until 25 February you can have active or passive status. After 25 February starting from the third week of instruction until 14 March in the spring term late enrolment is only possible for the first term with passive status upon registration and the CAO program coordinator will change the student legal status.)
  5. Please note, that the in-person registration is obligatory to complete your registration to BME, even if your first semester is passive.
  6. Come in the CAO for the in-person registration with your original documents and their photocopies.

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