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Friday, 12 July 2024   ·   24th week of Spring term of academic year 2023/2024   ·   Opening hours today: 08:00–12:00
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Registration and enrolment information for new tuition fee paying and scholarship holder students to the spring term of 2023/2024

Saturday, 2 December 2023

We are pleased to welcome you to Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) for the spring term of the 2023/2024 academic year.

Our detailed information letter contains the most important issues related to the term registration and enrolment process at BME. If you have any questions about the content of the information letter, please contact us at the address.

In the Academic Information 2023/2024 we gathered together the most important information on the training programmes, academic administration and university services.


Login in to Neptun 

Changing personal data

Term registration

Enrolment step by step

The most important periods and deadlines

Student ID card

Subject accreditation

Login in to Neptun

Neptun is the system in which all the information concerning your studies and matters related are administered. The following link (after clicking the English flag) will take you to the (English version of) Neptun login site.

  • First entry: (if you are a new student of BME):
    • „Login name”: Neptun code which you received in the email „Letter of acceptance and information letter”
    • „Password”: your initial password at first entry is NeYYYYMMDD of your birth date
    • Important: After first entering the system, you will have to change it. Please remember your new password!

(If you forgot your password, click on the "Hweb forgotten password button" button. After typing your login name, an e-mail will be sent to your default email address in Neptun to create a new password. In case of further login problems, you can request a password change in person at the CAO during office hours or contact Neptun Operations at

  • First entry: (if you have been a student of BME before):
    • The login name and the password aren’t changed, they are the same as before. After entering Neptun, please switch the training program at the upper left corner with the „Training” button.
    • If you received in the email „Letter of acceptance and information letter” a new Neptun code, please inform us through the E999 request.


changing personal data

Before you make the enrolment of the training programme, please check your personal data in the Neptun My data/Personal information and if necessary please change it.

Here you can find the „Guide to changing personal data, addresses, passport number,etc.”

Important: Some of the personal data cannot be changed by the students. In this case please download and print the registration form with the current personal data in Neptun and your program coordinator will change it after the registration.

It is suggested to add a bank account number in the early stage of enrollment for scholarship payments or creditation. Hungarian bank account numbers can be added by the student in Neptun at Finances/Settings. In case of an international bank account 112 Request for International Bank Account registration request must be submitted for its registration. Please note that crediting to an alternative account (e.g. Revolut, Wise) is not possible.


Term registration

Please do not forget to set your academic status to ACTIVE for next (2023/24/2) term AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that your tuition fee can be inflicted in Neptun so that you can pay in Neptun by bankcard transfer (preferred) or from your money transferred to Neptun and your receipt can be issued. After paying the inflicted tuition fee please submit a 027 request in Neptun to receive certificate for the paid tuition fee.


IMPORTANT: The term registration for the spring term of the academic year 2023/24 is not valid until the enrolment authentication. Please don’t forget to make the enrolment process until 8th of February, 2024.


For students of Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences: Registering for an active term in Neptun is only possible following successful completion of 700_BME GTK Work and Fire Safety Training Neptun request under Administration/Requests/Available request forms.


Enrolment step by step

  1. Check your personal data.
  2. If you haven’t done, please do the term registration for the current term.
  3. Download the enrolment form from Neptun Information/General forms and
    • if you are a tuition fee paying student the Study Contract for Students from Neptun Information/General forms
    • if you are a scholarship holder students, the Scholarship Agreement from Official notes in the Neptun.
  4. Authenticate your registration form (and your Study Contract for Students if you have it) print it out in two copies and sign it with your own handwritten signature.

The Scholarship Agreement has to be printed in two copies, please sign both of them with a blue pen and bring them to the Central Academic Office during opening hours because the Tempus Public Foundation needs it with original signatures.

  1. Open the 100 Online registration Neptun request, chose by personal attendance. Mandatory documents to be attached:
    • autheticated registration form
    • for tuition fee paying student: autheticated Study Contract for Students
    • for scholarship holder: Letter of Award
    • scanned passport or identity card
  2. After submitting the 100 Online registration request please come in the CAO for the in-person registration with your original documents and their photocopies:
    • your school credential (secondary school diploma, BSc degree, etc.) all in original or notarized AND official English translation if the original document is NOT in English
    • your English language certificate AND official English translation if the original document is NOT in English
    • printed and authenticated enrolment form (and Study Contract for Students) in two copies
    • if you are a scholarship holder student, the Scholarship Agreement in two copies.


Please submit your 100 Online registration request as soon as possible but not later than on 8th of February, 2024.


In-person registration in the CAO

The in-person registration will be at CAO in the Main Hall of building R. Please follow our news for the opening hours information.


Late enrolment

If you didn’t submit your 100 Online registration request before 23:59 CET 8th of February 2024, you can make the enrolment process paying late fee (5500 HUF) until 15th of March. In this case please follow the description of „Enrolment step by step” and your administrator will inflict the fee in Neptun at the decision of the request.


Deferment of enrolment

If you are not able to start your studies from the spring term of the academic year 2023/24, your student status may be established on the basis of the admission decision without a new admission procedure in the next admission period (deferment of enrolment). Based on the Code of Studies and Exams of BME this possibility is only available for foreign students.

Please submit the 004 Request for deferment for new students Neptun request for the deferment of enrolment between 15.01.2024 and 30.03.2024.

IMPORTANT: some programmes are available starting from the autumn term, too. In this case you can only defer your enrolment for the next term, not the next academic year. Here you can find the list of the available programmes.


Resignation from enrolment

If you wish to resign from your enrolment opportunity after having been admitted to a training programme at BME at all then please submit the 034 Resignation from enrolment opportunity Neptun request for resignation from enrolment before 23:59 CET, 14.03.2024.


Registering for subjects

Subjects can be registered in Neptun at Subjects/Register for subjects, after you registered for the term as an active student. The period of pre-registration term will be open between 18:00 CET, 31.01.2024 and 23:59 CET, 04.02.2024, and the finalisation period of registration term will be open between 18:00 CET, 05.02.2024 and 23:59 CET, 08.02.2024.

Please find the „Guide to registering for subjects”: >>here<<


The most important periods and deadlines



Registering for the next term (choosing active or passive status, in NEPTUN)

from 06:00 CET, 15.11.2023
to 23:59 CET, 08.02.2024

Registration period – preliminary period of registration for subjects

from 18:00 CET, 31.01.2024
to 11:59 CET, 04.02.2024

Registration period – finalisation period of registration for subjects

from 18:00 CET, 05.02.2024
to 23:59 CET, 08.02.2024

Study period

from 12.02.2024
to 24.05.2024

First day of classes

on 12.02.2024

Enrolment on exams

from 18:00 CEST, 22.05.2024
to 23:59 CEST, 28.06.2024

Week of repeats

from 27 to 31.05.2024

Examination period

from 03.06.2024
to 28.06.2024


Student status certificate

Student status certificates can be requested through the 027 Request for a certificate request, the certificate will be uploaded as an attachment to the request which the students can download.

Important: Student status certificate can be issued only after completion of registration and enrolment and from only 12th of February 2024.


Student ID card

Please find the information >>here<<


Subject accreditation

You have the right to accredit subjects completed at another university or other training programme at BME. Please follow the description of the guide about the E024 Request for subject accreditation request: >>here<<


We wish you success in your university studies at BME!

BME Central Academic Office

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