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Certificate to enter Hungary

Monday, 1 March 2021

Dear Students!

Based on the Procedures regarding the rules of entering Hungary and special medical examination for non-Hungarian students and higher education staff, foreigners need a special certificate to enter Hungary. Students from yellow and red coded countries can also come in with this certificate!

You can download the ‘Certificate to enter Hungary’ in the Neptun system at INFORMATION/ GENERAL FORMS after you  register for an ACTIVE term! Please consult the guide if you have problems.

You have to download and print this document, fill out the parts you need to and BRING IT WITH YOU upon entering Hungary.

The ‘Address of SARS-CoV-2 testing site due after the student’s arrival in Hungary: ’ section is left empty, because the Ministry has not provided BME with the information yet.

Please note that in case of some countries the submission of the above certificate is precondition to receive visa or residence permit.

Have a safe journey!


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