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Friday, 12 July 2024   ·   24th week of Spring term of academic year 2023/2024   ·   Opening hours today: 08:00–12:00
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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Today at 18:00 the exam registration period for the 2023/24/2 term starts in Neptun.

Please find some advice for the busy period of Neptun:

Please DO NOT log in to Neptun before the start time (18:00)! Our load tests have shown that the first 1-2 minutes of simultaneous button presses can not be tolerated by our database nor by an infrastructure that is an order of magnitude more powerful.

Therefore we need to start with a minimal user interface. However, we will gradually raise this limit, in small steps, as our system grows, so that sooner or later everyone (even thousands of students) will be able to log in.

For technical reasons, all users will be logged out of the Student Neptun application 15 minutes before the rush (at 17:45).

Due to the above it is highly unlikely that you will be able to log into Neptun immediately when the peak starts.

In this case, a pop-up window will appear warning of the temporary lack of space and will automatically log you in as soon as space becomes available on the student web servers, without any user intervention. So it is unnecessary (and harmful) to click: just wait patiently...

The Neptun login page is the most time-consuming part of the program, so be particularly patient (once you are in, response times will be considerably shorter).

A 3-minute idle time has been set in the system.

Please be patient: even if the system is slow, do not click repeatedly, as this will slow you down and also slow down others.

When you are finished, click on 'Logout' in the top right corner of the interface to exit the program (closing the window directly (x) will ultimately slow down the system, reducing the number of users who can actually log in, especially if the idle time is set to longer!)

We believe that your actions as described above will result in the system running smoothly again this time, to everyone's satisfaction...

Neptun Management
Wednesday, 22 May, 2024

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