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Friday, 2 July 2021

Dear Student,

Before the summer break, we would like to inform you about some tasks in the NEPTUN system, concerning the closing of the 2020/21/2 term and opening the 2021/22/1 term.

If you have any questions about the content of the newsletter or concerning the periods, please contact us at the address.


The most important tasks and their dates:



Checking the marks received in the 2020/21/2 term, notifying the responsible Department in case of errors

until 12:00 CET, 14th of July 2021
(date until which the Departments can enter grades in the Neptun)

Registering for the 2021/22/1 term

from 06:00 CET, 21st of June 2021
to 23:59 CET, 3rd of September 2021

Preliminary subject registration for the 2021/22/1 term *

from 19:00 CET, 25th of August 2021

to 12:00 CET, 27th of August 2021

Final subject registration for the 2020/21/1 term*

from 18:00 CET, 30th of August 2021

to 23:59 CET, 3rd of September 2021

Opening of the ‘E018 Request to register for subjects / to drop subjects request’

from 25th of August 2021
to 12th of September 2021
FOR A FEE from 13th of September 2021
to 19th of September 2021

Opening of the ‘E010 Tuition fee request’

from 21st of June 2021

to 5th of September 2021

If you have a problem with registering/deregistering a subject, please submit a request E018 through the NEPTUN system.

In this unpredictable global situation, it is very hard to state definite measures about how instruction and registration will occur (online registration through NEPTUN will not change). We predict, know the following:

  • BME is working on a strategy for starting instruction in the 2021/22/1 term (online or not). The changes locally and globally are unpredictable, so we ask for your patience. As soon as BME finalizes the strategy, YOU WILL BE INFORMED! So PLEASE, read the Newsletters, NEPTUN messages, BME websites, etc.!
  • When you arrive from outside the EU and EEA member states (if you will be able to enter at all), you WILL MOST PROBABLY HAVE TO ENTER INTO A 2 WEEK QUARANTINE before you go anywhere. This means, that at arrival, either at the airport or other border crosses, you will have to give a VALID address where you will spend the next 2 weeks in COMPLETE ISOLATION. You will need somebody, who has been here to bring you food etc., for your door will be sealed, and for 2 weeks you will not be able to go ANYWHERE!
  • If you have been in Hungary for the past months, you will meet no restrictions, so please consider the above if you are planning to leave Hungary in the summer.
  • Please inform yourself about the Government’s COVID-19 measures concerning your countries, and entering Hungary at the following websites:


1. Registering to the term 2021/22/1

from 06:00 CET, 21th of June 2021 to 23:59 CET, 3rd of September 2021


Attention! At the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (BME-GTK), reading the material of the BME GTK Work and Fire Safety Training is obligatory. The request „700_BME GTK” is available through the NEPTUN system between 06:00 CET, 15th of June 2021 to 23:59 CET, 3rd of September 2021.

Enrolling to a passive term continuously allowed for two term only. Please note, that your student legal status is to be ceased if your passive terms (continuously or sum) reached the level laid down in BME’s Code of Studies and your upcoming term is also passive. In justified cases, increasing the number of passive terms may be authorized by the Faculty Study Committee for the request of the student (by submitting a request E999 through the NEPTUN system).

Those students' legal status (and term) who missed the enrollment period or have any outstanding liabilities will automatically be set  passive by CAO at the end of the registration period.


2. CALCULATION OF STUDY RESULTS, financial status conversion, DISMISSALS

Your average for the 2020/21/2 term is calculated on June 23 and July 19 (due to summer pooled labs) to determine term and cumulative study results. Based on these data, students affected by the financial status conversion and dismissal will be notified by the 21st of July through NEPTUN in an official note (NEPTUN/Studies/Official Notes) and in a decision attached to it.  Appeal is possible only as described in the official note and the decision.



2.1.1. FINANCIAL STATUS CONVERSION from scholarship holder into self-financing BASED ON STUDY RESULTS

Following the financial status conversion rules of the TEMPUS Public Foundation for academic performance, in case a student does not complete 36 credits regarding the last two terms, his/her scholarship will be ceased and his/her financial status becomes self-financing.


Following the financial status conversion rules of the TEMPUS Public Foundation for expiration of scholarship, in case the student's scholarship period expires, his/her scholarship is ceased and his/her financial status becomes self-financing. 



2.2.1. BASED ON academic reasons

BME dismisses students for academic reasons based on their academic results entered into NEPTUN for the 2020/21/2 term by July 19. If the decision to terminate the student legal relationship becomes final, the legal relationship of the students to be dismissed will be terminated on the 21st of June 2021.

The dismissal decision can only be revoked if the request E001 Appeal through NEPTUN is submitted. With the exception of the six insufficient grade, the Faculty Study Committee may grant an exemption. An exemption is also available on the basis of the result of a postponed exam, but in also this case an "E001 Appeal" must be submitted after the grade has been entered into NEPTUN (applications submitted before will be rejected) and the condition for dismissal no longer exists on the basis of academic reasons.


2.2.2. FOR the student's own requests

A student may terminate his/her student status for himself/herself. To do that, the student may submit the "E032 Dismissal upon request" through NEPTUN.

His/her student status will be terminated on the day when the request was submitted. Regarding the termination of the student status an official note (NEPTUN/Studies/Official Notes) and an official decision for dismission (as an attachment to the official note), will be entered into NEPTUN.

Any outstanding liabilities to BME must be settled in relation with dismission. The fact that the student has a liability is recorded in the decision.

In case of transferring (change of courses within BME, or change of institution), the student should not request the termination of his/her student status of previous training, butafter enrollment, the involved Institutions, Faculties and/or Departments will close the legal relationship at the previous training through BME CAO. Transferred studies do not terminate Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship, but the transfer needs to be approved by the TEMPUS Public Foundation.


3. Student ID

The sticker on the student ID issued for the 2020/21/2 term is valid until 31st of October 2021. Temporary student IDs are valid for the same time period with a digital signature, and can be requested by submitting the ‘E066 Request for temporary student certificate’ request.


4. Services during summer holiday

Office hours of Central Academic Office (CAO) during summer holiday between 12th of July and 19th of August:

Please note, that the corridor on the ground floor of building R is CLOSED for students!


Wishing you successful exams, term registration, enrolment for subjects and submission of the registration requests in NEPTUN and of course a nice summer holiday:

BME CAO Office of International Education


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