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Neptun Request: E027 Request for a certificate

Friday, 5 March 2021

A new request type has been opened in the Neptun. It is the ‘E027 Request for a certificate, through which students can ask for official documents/certificates such as seen below. Some of the documents involve a fee, but everything is specified in the request, so please read it carefully when submitting it. Please use the comments section, if for example some special data is needed in a Student Status Certificate. The mailing of paper based documents is also possible for a postal fee, but make sure you give a valid postal address. The E999 request used for this purpose previously will be denied! The digital documents can be downloaded from the request supplement. Please see the Neptun guide. 

List of certificates/documents you may ask for:

  • Absolutorium certificate (Pre-degree certificate stating that all course-units have been completed)
  • Authorization for TAJ (social security) administration
  • Certificate of ceased student status
  • Copy of Diploma
  • Diploma duplicate
  • Diploma certificate
  • Diploma Supplement duplicate
  • General student status certificate
  • Other  - for documents not in the list
  • Transcript of Records (credit certificate)
  • Tuition fee

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