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New measures concerning the validity of Student ID-s

Monday, 4 January 2021

Following the information letter of 20th November, 2020 of the Hungarian Education Authority, we notify our students about the following:

Based on the Government Decree 500/2020 (13 November) laying down certain rules on documents and administration during the period of state of danger: “Section 1 (1) Official documents issued by a Hungarian authority valid for the territory of Hungary, including in particular certifications of roadworthiness recorded in a vehicle registration certificate and documents the expiry period of which has been extended in accordance with section 89 (1) of Act LVIII of 2020 on transitional rules relating to the termination of state of danger and on the state of epidemiological preparedness, that expire during the period of state of danger introduced by Government Decree 478/2020 (3 November) on the declaration of state of danger (hereinafter “state of danger”) shall remain valid for 60 days following the end of the period of state of danger”, and in accordance with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology – office responsible for public transportation  - the following measures have been taken concerning the student IDs.

- For all students with an ACTIVE or Graduated (finished in the 2019/20 and 2020/21 academic years) status,

- and all who have a PASSIVE term for 2020/21/1 and 2020/21/2

the student ID stickers for the 2019/20 1 and 2 terms or for 2020/21/1 and 2 terms will be valid for 60 days after the ending of the state of emergency.

AND please PRINT the temporary student ID document!

Please note the following about the TEMPORARY STUDENT ID certificates: the public transportation company does not accept the document in an electronic form (on the phone), so please PRINT the temporary student ID document (it has a digital signature, which will not show much in a printed form, but it has to be acceptable).

There is no change in the validity of the Temporary Student ID certificates are still valid for 60 days after issuing, please request a new if it expires through the “E066 Request for temporary student certificate” request in the Neptun.

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