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Scholarship payments

Monthly stipend
The amount of the scholarship is HUF 43.700/person/month for students in bachelor and master programmes and in doctoral programmes it is HUF 140.000/person/month in the first two years/during the training-research period and HUF 180.000/person/month during the second two years/cycle/ the research-dissertation period for PhD students beginning their studies in the 2016/2017 academic year. The scholarship is HUF 100.000/person/month for PhD students beginning their studies prior to the 2016/2017academic year.

Accommodation contribution

The scholarship holder is entitled to receive accommodation in a student hostel depending on the capacity of the institution or HUF 40.000/person/month - from the academic year of 2017/2018 - accommodation allowance for 12 months of the year or during the partial studies. The institution pays the accommodation allowance monthly together with the scholarship in Hungarian forints.

Scholarship and accommodation contribution transfers

Please note that you can receive your payments only if your bank account number, Tax ID number and permanent address are registered in Neptun system and you have signed your Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship agreement.