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ERASMUS+ and other exchange programmes

Application Information

Guide to online application Please read it carefully before sending an email!


Application documents to be uploaded to the online application:

1. Copy of your valid passport or national ID (acceptable for only EU citizens!)

2. Transcript of academic records (official list of your courses and grades taken in your home institution) from sending institution. Only English version is accepted.

3. Proof of Language Qualification: the requirement is B2 or higher in English according to CEFR.

In case of

- applicants of EU's Erasmus+ Programme: there is no need to attach any additional language certificate, but your home coordinator has to confirm the required level by signing your learning agreement at BEFORE THE MOBILITY section, at Language competence part.

- applicants of other than EU's Erasmus+ Programme: please attach your English language certificate to Proof of language proficiency in your application form.

4. Letter of declaration (if applicable): please see Thesis/Project/Research

5. Copy of BSc degree certificate (if applicable): if you wish to register for MSc level subjects at the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Informatics

If you fill in and finalize the above online application by May 15th then you will receive your letter of acceptance by May 28th.

Your letter of acceptance will include your code which shall be used in your online subject registration process. 

Online subject registration

Please note that you can do your 'Before the Mobility' type subject registration online only (by using your code given in your letter of acceptance). 

Subject registration periods (courses/subjects can be chosen only from the Course Offer!!!):

1st period: June 1st-July 4th, 2021

2nd period: July 5th-September 3rd, 2021


Learning agreements issued for students participating in EU's Erasmus+ Program

Learning agreements will be issued by BME including the registered courses approved by the relevant faculty of BME. Courses registered but not approved by BME will be cancelled in Neptun and will not appear in learning agreements!

Learning agreements issued and signed by BME after the 1st period of subject registration period will be available by July 7th at the latest.

If the course portfolio in Neptun changes after July 4th then final learning agreements will be issued by October 11th according to the final course portfolio in Neptun which will be included in the transcript at the end of the term. This learning agreement shall then be signed by the student and his/her home coordinator and uploaded to BME's database, too.


So please do not try to upload your learning agreement to your online application since it will be issued and signed by BME. 

List of BME codes to fill in online application:

1. in case of ERASMUS+ programme: your university's ERASMUS code (eg. B BRUSSEL01)


2. in case of other exchange programmes:

- Dankook University: DKU
- Hokkaido University: HOKKAIDO
- Inha University: INHA
- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology: KAIST
- Kumoh National Institute of Technology: KIT
- Kyungpook National University: KNU
- National Taipei University of Technology: TAIPEITECH
- National Taiwan University: NTU
- National University of Singapore: NUS
- PUC Minas: PUC
- Saitama University: SAITAMA
- Ulsan University: ULSAN
- University of Technology, Sydney: UTS
- University of Sao Paolo: USP
- Universidad de Monterrey: UDEM
- Vanderbilt University: VANDERBILT
- Waseda University: WASEDA