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BME CAO Newsletter on Closing the 2021/22/1 term – Enrolment on Exams, Repeat and Exam Periods

Monday, 13 December 2021

Dear Student!

We would like to help you to organize your tasks at the end of the term, by collecting the most important pieces of information concerning the repeat and exam periods.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: At the end of the year, you will not be able to carry out financial transactions (e.g. fulfil a liability) in NEPTUN. The exact dates will be provided later, please stay up to date and read our website regularly.

If you have any questions about the content of the newsletter or concerning the periods, please contact us at the address.


The most important PERIODS AND DEADLINES:



Exam enrolments start:

on 18:00 CET, 7th of December, 2021

Repeat period/delayed submission of homework

from 11th to 18th of December, 2021

Exam Period

from 20th of December, 2021
to 24th of January, 2022

End of the term 2021/22/1

on 31st of January, 2022

Credit Cerificates (Transcript of Records) available
for the term 2021/22/1

from 27th of January, 2022

Registering for the next term (choosing active or passive status, in NEPTUN)

from 06:00 CET, 29th of November 2021
to 23:59 CET, 11th of February 2022

Registration Period - registration for subjects
(for the term 2021/22/2)

from 18:00 CET, 31th of January 2022
to 23:59 CET, 11th of February 2022


between: 11th – 17th of December, 2021

After the study period, in the case of mid-term grades, and to obtain signatures (for subjects with exams), the academic performance assessments may be corrected, repeated or replaced in this period.

Retakes of mid-term exams: A free-of-charge opportunity shall be provided during the study period, for the retake of the mid-term study activities (failed or incompleted study activity or for purpose of improvement of grade), once in each subject per term (exceptions: using laboratory aids or drawing practice).

Repeated retakes of mid-terms: If the courses’ requirements make it possible, departments may arrange dates and times until the 17th of December 2021 for repeated retakes of mid-terms in NEPTUN. They have to be enrolled in the same way as if they were regular exams but an extra fee (repeated retake fee, 4.500.- HUF) is charged. The course requirements can exclude the repeat of certain elements of the mid-term exams. According to the reports of the departments, the repeated retake mid-term fees are inflicted in NEPTUN by the Central Academic Office (CAO) and the deadline to pay the fee is 5 days.

Delayed homeworks: Homeworks can be submitted late until the 18th of December by paying 2.500.- HUF late fee. According to the reports of the departments, homework late fees are charged in NEPTUN by the Dean’s Offices and the deadline to pay the fee is 5 days.


2. enrolment on exams:

between: 18:00 CET, 7th of December, 2021 – 23:59 CET, 24th of January, 2022

To enrol/drop exam dates, please go to NEPTUN/Exams/Exam registration menu, use the filters to set the term „2021/22/1" and „Every subject" then click on the „List exams" button. After choosing the subject and the proper date of the exam, please click the sign „+" (Options) at the end of the line and choose Register/Drop.

You can attend an exam if you have a valid signature of the respective subject (validity of a signature is unlimited unless the course requirement of the corresponding subject regulates it in a different way).

Enrolment or withdrawal (drop) on exam dates can be done only in NEPTUN, until noon of the previous day. If you have any outstanding financial liabilities, you are blocked from enrolling on exams!

To check your liabilities, please go to NEPTUN/Finances/Payment menu, choose the filter „All terms" and „Active status" and click the „List" button.

If you have tuition fee liability outside of the NEPTUN system, please contact your CAO Program Coordinator.

In case of a denied signature, you have to withdraw your registration for the subject's exam you already applied for, otherwise 5.500.- HUF/exam extra fee has to be paid.

If a grade is offered to you in a subject and you accept it then please register for an exam of the subject, so the mark can be entered into NEPTUN by the department. If you do not register for an exam, your offered mark will not be entered into the system „automatically”, the way is through a registered exam only.

The Department may set an individual exam enrolment period for the oral partial exam of a comprehensive exam, as well exam dates may be brought forward by the Department for the Repeat/delayed submission period. This individual exam enrolment period may end not earlier than 72 hours before the exam / comprehensive exam.



between: 20th of December, 2021 – 24th of January, 2022

Due to the pandemic situation, it is highly recommended that you follow the updates published on the BME website, in case of any changes in the organizing of the exams and monitoring academic performances. Please be aware of the information sent by the Departments and lecturers as well.

3.1. Improving grades and retaking exams:

The number of repeating exams to improve your grade is not limited during the given term, however, from the third attempt (exams accumulated from 1st of September, 2016) you will be charged an extra fee, which is 4.500.- HUF/exam. It means if you had two exams of the same subject last term, then even for the first one from the same subject this term, you have to pay the above extra fee.

In case of reasonable requests, resits of the repeat exams can be done in front of a committee.

The extra fee for improving a grade or retaking an exam is inflicted in NEPTUN by CAO, but only after entering the grade in the system. The deadline to pay the fee is 3 days.

Your legal relationship with BME will be terminated according to the law if after 1st of September, 2012 you fail 6 times completing the same subject or after 1st of September, 2015 after the 6th registration of the same subject you are unable to collect its credits. The "Request for Equity" (Faculty Chance) can not be used in these cases.


3.2. postponed exams:

It is not possible to take postponed exams after the examination period of the autumn term of the academic year 2021/22.


3.3. absence from a registered exam DATE:

The student is obliged to appear at the enrolled exams/comprehensive exams. If your absence from a registered exam is justified and you were not able to sit for the exam or withdraw your enrolment in time in NEPTUN, then you have to justify your absence directly to the lecturer (in person or in written form) within 8 days of the absence. If the lecturer refuses the justification then you can submit an E999 request to the Faculty Study Committee (FSC) within 8 days after the refusal.

If your absence on an exam is not justified then you have to pay 5.500.- HUF extra fee.

4. Available NEPTUN requests during the Exam Period:

NEPTUN request

opening date

closing date

E011_Request for transferring to another training program, for tuition fee paying students

06:00 CET, 6th of January, 2022

23:59 CET, 30th of January, 2022*

E024 Request for subject accreditation

06:00 CET, 9th of September, 2021

23:59 CET, 1st of January, 2022

E031 Request for passive term

06:00 CET, 16th of October 2021

23:59 CET, 31st of January 2022

E007 Opposition to payment obligation

always open

always open

E066 Request for temporary student certificate

always open

always open

E027 Request for a certificate

always open

always open

E999 Request for a purpose not specified in any other requests

always open

always open

* The displayed date is the last date according to the regulations. It is recommended to submit the application after receiving your average for the term. You can request an exceptional averaging of the term after your last grade has been entered into NEPTUN. Please contact your CAO Program Coordinator for out of turn averaging of the term.




Departments may record results of the term 2021/22/1 until 14:00 CET, 26th of January, 2022. Please keep track of your grades’ entries and if you notice any differences or omissions, contact the administrator of the Department teaching the subject to modify or record the result.



Please be informed that due to the pandemic situation, the validity of the Student ID card stickers has been extended

More information about the extension of COVID measures.

To request your Temporary Student ID (until your permanent student card arrives) please submit a request E066 in NEPTUN. Before you submit the request E066, you need to get a NEK datasheet, it needs to be uploaded to the request. After your request is "Accepted" you can download the digitally signed document from its supplement.



5.3. How to pay the fees in NEPTUN:

Fees can be fulfilled by bank card online payment via SimplePay (preferred) or by wire transfer, through NEPTUN joint account system.

If you are opposing an inflicted fee, please submit the request “007 Opposition to payment obligation” in NEPTUN.



5.4. 36 credit rule FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS:

Please be aware that pursuing the Tempus Public Foundation’s regulations, the 36 credit rule will be applied at the end of this academic year, too. It means, that if you did not complete 36 credits (accredited credit does not count as completed) during the academic year 2021/22, your scholarship status will be terminated and you can continue your studies only as a tuition fee-paying student.


5.5. CAO Opening hours at the end of the year:

CAO opening hours will not change until 20th of December 2021. You can find the specific daily reception time on our website. We are closed from 21st of December, 2021 to 4th of January, 2022. We will open for the first time on 4th of January in the New Year.

CAO will be able to issue payable official copies of Diplomas until the 20th of December 2021, if it is requested and paid through the NEPTUN system.


Wishing you a successful exam period!

We know it’s been an incredibly challenging year.

Wishing you and your family brighter days ahead and may this holiday season sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. 

BME Central Academic Office (CAO),

Office of International Education

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