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Monday, 30 August 2021

Updated 24th September, 2021

Dear Student!

Please note that

- corridor and room no. 1 on the ground floor is CLOSED for students, we serve you at the windows in the Main Hall of building R!

In this news spread we continuously update information about the operation of the CAO during this extraordinary situation.

Though CAO is open again but please still prefer the electronic ways of communication (requests in Neptun and emails) and come and see us only if your visit is absolutely necessary or urgent. There can be long queue and waiting time and the capacity of the entrance hall in building R is very limited.

Please also note that the student cards and stickers which were valid in the beginning of the state of emergency (in March 2020) are still valid until 60 days after the end of the state of emergency and it is still on. So please do not come to pick up the newest sticker for your student card.

Opening hours of the Central Academic Office:  the corridor and room no. 1 on the ground floor is CLOSED for students, we serve you at the windows in the Main Hall of building R! You can only come in if you met your quarantine/Covid-19 test obligations!

Until December 16th, 2021 and from January 4th, 2022




12:00 – 15:30




12:00 – 15:30



For exchange and study abroad students

on Thursday 12:00 - 15:30

The means of electronic administration have not changed.


Updated 23rd June, 2020

Following the new Government measures, the Student ID stickers for the 2019/20/1 term will be valid 180 days after the end of the state of emergency (17th  June 2020+180 days).

Those who do not have their Permanent Student IDs or TAJ cards, and received a Neptun message about picking them up may do so from the 29th of June 2020 in the following times in building R entrance hall. The corridor and room no. 1 are closed for students!

Monday:         14-17 CET

Wednesday:   14-17 CET

Friday:            8-12 CET

Telephone infromation:

Please, only call the numbers below if really necessary! For general questions, first consult the CAO and BME websites, for specific questions regarding studies, please contact the program coordinators electronically. CAO contact information

Telephone and mobile phone communication with our colleagues is very restricted, so please try to evade this means of communication.

The phone numbers operate Monday-Friday between 8-16 CET

Within BME: 3898

From a line phone: +36-1-463-3898

From a mobile phone: +36-30-3898

Administration of paper based documents:

The secretariat receives and administrates paper based documents twice a week, therefore the tasks connected to these take longer.

Student ID, transportation discounts:

Based on the related Government Decree, the Student ID stickers will be valid 15 day after the termination of the state of emergency, and the transportation service providers accept certificates lacking original signatures and stamps

There is no change in requesting Temporary Student IDs, it is through the E066 Request for temporary student certificate, and you will receive the electronic copy, with a digital signature as an attachment to the request. Guide for how to download a request supplement 

Student Status (and other) Certificate:

Student status certificates can be asked for through the ‘E999 Request for a purpose not specified in any other requests’ request, the certificate will be uploaded as an attachment to the request which the students can download. If the posting of the original copy is necessary, the postal fee will be inflicted through the Neptun.  Guide for how to download a request supplement 

In view of the current situation every Hungarian state administration office accepts digital documents. As a surplus, BME CAO started using digital signatures on all documents. 

Other matters:

The Neptun requests typical for the study period can be submitted continuously, the administration process does not change. You will be able to see the decisions through the Neptun, and will receive the related documents digitally, through the Neptun.  Guide for how to download a request supplement 

Diploma, diploma supplement:

Graduated students can ask for a digital copy of their prepared Diploma and Diploma Supplement/ Diploma and Diploma Supplement DUPLICATES electronically, by writing an e-mail to the email address from the e-mail address set in Neptun.  If there is a fee involved, the electronic documents will be sent by e-mail after paying it through the Neptun.


International students should write to with any financial matter: receipt of payment, tuition fee refund, Neptun finances problem, etc.

Digital copies of the requested receipts will be sent to the e-mail  address it was requested from. If the original copy is needed, within Hungary, posting is possible if the proper address is given in the request e-mail.


Students and other BME citizens can read up-to-date information about the order of the CAO customer service on our website (

For national and BME measures and procedures introduced to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, please visit: and the BME website

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