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New rules implemented from the ‘Regulations on student fees and benefits’

Friday, 15 May 2020

There have been some changes in university finances, as some of you already noticed. Please inform yourself about the regulations on the BME Student Services website: .

One of the most important new rules implemented is as follows:

Based on Annex 2. § 1.(1)  of the Regulations on student fees and benefits published by BME Student Services: “Students shall pay late payment extra administration fees if they fail to pay the residence hall fee or the fees defined in points a)-h) in paragraph (1) by their due date. Such late payment fee shall be HUF 1400.”

Please take your liabilities’ due date in the Neptun seriously, because if you fail to pay in time then right after the deadline the 1400 HUF late payment fee will be automatically inflicted!

If you would like to oppose a fee (ex.: there is a late homework fee, but you can prove that you submitted in time) please submit the ‘007 Opposition to payment obligation’ request. You can find a Guide as to how to submit a financial request among the Downloadable documents. 

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