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The Central Academic Office (hereinafter referred to as the CAO) is an organisational unit supporting the basic educational activities of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). It is responsible for the reception of students admitted to gradual (bachelor's, master's and one-tier master's) training programmes, the administration of student academic records, the management of student data, the publication and registration of public documents and participation in the maintenance of university regulations on education.

The Rector, through the Director, is responsible for the professional management of the CAO.


The CAO is managed by a Director. The CAO is not further split into separate units and the expert teams making up its organisation operate in a matrix model. The individual expert teams cooperate in the implementation of tasks.

The Director is assisted by two Deputy Directors: the Technical Deputy Director supervises the technical and development activities and the Operational Deputy Director manages the day-to-day operation.


  • In the admission process and at the time of the establishment of the legal relationship checking applicants' data, sending admission decisions to admitted students, assisting in the assessment of appeals, managing the enrolment of admitted students, providing information and coordinating the students’ subject registration.
  • During the student status validation of student cards, documented issuing of temporary student cards, recording and maintenance of personal data in the study administration system (hereinafter referred to as SAS), filing and archiving of personal data and materials, production of master forms, issuing of certificates related to the student status, monitoring of the students' academic progress in accordance with the Code of Studies, receiving applications and requests in (individual) student academic and examination cases, providing information to decision-makers, post-decision administration, determining, allocating and monitoring student payments within CAO competence in accordance with the relevant regulations, assisting in proceedings against students and former students who are or were affiliated to the University, and conducting other proceedings within CAO competence in accordance with the regulations.
  • On termination of their student status preparation and documented issue of copies and duplicates final certificates, transcripts of records, diplomas and diploma supplements, which serve to record the personal and academic data of students.
  • After termination of student status issuing copies of diplomas, duplicates, certificates, jubilee and honorary diplomas, issuing them as required and certifying the authenticity of diplomas.
  • The statutory registers are kept by the CAO in its study administration system (Neptun). It provides data electronically to the University administration, to the Higher Education Information System (FIR) or to other systems as specified by law.
  • It is responsible for the professional supervision and operation of the university software ( academic and financial system) and the websites displaying the results of the student evaluation of the work of the teaching staff (OHV). In this context CAO makes proposals for the acquisition of software for the University, manages the procurement of the systems, represents the University in the performance of contracts, takes delivery of new versions and publishes their current specifications for the users. It trains software, manages user rights assigned within BME, organises regular daily backups and archiving. It also assists in the management of payments and withdrawals for student finances.